We Believe In Helping The Community


Job Placement

We provide assistance to individuals, from a variety of different backgrounds, who are searching to find a career that is right for them.
This program includes assisting and providing guidance throughout the entire job seeking process.

Re-Entry Programs

We strive to help incarcerated citizens make a successful re-entry into society, by attempting to remove the barriers to a smooth transition into their community.

Food Pantry

Our mission is to serve the residents of our local community who are suffering from food insecurity by providing critical resources wherever they are needed in the community.


This program includes Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Anger Management Counseling, Teen Programs, and Group Home Counseling. In our group home, we provide a safe environment for people to pursue their own betterment through counseling.    

Group Home

We offer a living group home for young girls and runaways seeking a healthy, safe environment. 

Clothing Drives

We organize clothing drives in an effort to help the community by allocating resources to help residents in need.

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Coretta Scott King